An Introduction

My son was diagnosed with autism shortly after his 4th birthday, prior to that I knew next to nothing about autism and sent off without so much as a leaflet about what autism is I turned to Google (obviously). I thought autism was this whole new world to me that  I needed to educate myself … Continue reading An Introduction


Spectrum Thinking — Autism and Expectations

This is a really great piece, I thoroughly recommend reading (as I will again so I can absorb it properly when I feel a little more awake!)... Neurotypicality is a spectrum. Neurotypicality: a brain that works like most of the population’s, i.e. not autistic or epileptic or any other kind of neurodivergent brain type It’s … Continue reading Spectrum Thinking — Autism and Expectations

In search of the magic formula of making friends

I have noticed a phenomenon regarding people who I guess are neurotypicals, I think that would be the commonality between them anyway. It is this: they somehow have the ability to make friends quite effortlessly, they can achieve in minutes of being in the same room as someone, what takes me months of concerted effort … Continue reading In search of the magic formula of making friends

Looking back and thinking forward — Paula Sanchez

Parenting, hindsight and independence Being the parent of an autistic child (or any child with additional needs) brings a whole load of extra challenges and expectations. I can’t speak for parents of those with the highest support needs, but as a ‘can almost pass for normal some of the time if the conditions are perfect’ […] … Continue reading Looking back and thinking forward — Paula Sanchez