Hello again, I’m still here

I feel like I've lost my voice recently, hence why I haven't written all summer. It started when I finally plucked up the courage to phone the assessment centre and discovered it could well be another year before I got to talk to someone. There wasn't any anger about this on my part, I know … Continue reading Hello again, I’m still here

Rise and Shine

I often wondered how other people managed to have a social life and navigate all of that and still have the energy left for a career. For a long time just getting by has taken up all my energy, particularly on the social side of things as having friends and fitting in was my main … Continue reading Rise and Shine


Something weird has happened in the last week or so; I feel like I'm growing calmer and more content. Not consistently, there have been the usual ups and downs and moments where anxiety has crept in and tried to take over. But there have also been more moments of calm than usual, and a new … Continue reading Calm